skid-mounted lpg filling station

skid-mounted lpg gas filling station

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Skid lpg gas station is also called lpg skid-mounted filling station LPG GAS dispenser, Mobile Skid LPG Gas Station,]lpg mounted skid refilling station, LPG FILLING SKID STATION, lpg filling station skid-mounted moving, lpg propane skid station, LPG skid station gas station, lpg skid-mounted filling station, LPG Skid-Mounted station with LPG tank, dispensers, valves, pumps and skid, etc.

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of lpg gas pressure vessels, such as bulk lpg tank, lpg gas trailer, lpg gas truck, skid lpg gas filling plant, lpg gas bobtail vehicle, lpg gas dispensing truck, etc. And recently, our company lpg gas pressure vessesl products have passed ASME. That is to say, our lpg pressure vessels can be exported to USA, Europe, etc.

> LPG storage tank with capacity of 5cbm up to 120cbm
> Color : as per customer request
> Dispenser:one gun or two gun dispenser available
> LPG Filling pump with motor
> LPG discharging pump with motor
> LPG hose assembly and quick connector
> Safety Valve+Liquid Level Indication + Pressure Gauge + Thermometer etc
> Other valves and necessary accessories for the operation of lpg filling station

Skid-Mounted lpg gas filling station

Main Technical features of the LPG gas skid-mounted filling station:

Product skid-mounted lpg gas filling station for sale
Structural form Integral type, separated type
Install Method Above-ground, under-ground
System Approach Double pump system, single pump system
Storage Tank Volume(M³) 10、15、20, 50, 100, 120, etc.
Design pressure of storage tank 1.77Mpa
Design pressure of pipe 2.5Mpa
Turn on pressure of safety valve 1.75Mpa
Ambient Temperature -40-55℃
Ambint Humidity 10~95%
Dimension of skid-mounted body Up to customer's requirement

The skid mobile lpg gas propane station is mainly included bulk lpg gas tank, lpg gas pump, cut-off valve, motor, lpg gas disperser machine, filling scale, safety valve, etc.

This kind of integrative skid lpg gas filling station finishing discharging and filling by the pressure inside the tanker, and the working principles similar to the big size lpg gas filling station at home. The layouts of pipelines, such as inlet, outlet and gas phrase, etc. are reasonable, Practical, and artistic, etc.
Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of bulk lpg gas storage tanks, lpg gas trailer, lpg gas delivery trucks, etc. in China since 2004s. With many years'development, OUR CLW brand pressure vessels have been exported to so many countries all over the world. Recently our CLW brand pressure vessels products pass the ASME certificate, and then our CLW lpg gas tank and lpg gas trailers could been exported to USA, Europ, Taiwan, etc. More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita Deng. 

The LPG Skid-Mounted station manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. has the following functions.

*Feeding gas to gas vehicles: high quality dispenser is equipped and its measurement is accurate and stable.
*Unloading: The LPG tank car can unload the medium to the storage tank on the skid-mounted plant smoothly
*Drainage: The sundries like water-logging in the storage tank will e drained through the drain outlet.
*Emptying:The residual pressure in storage tank can be released through the emptying port during overgauling.
*Alternative Pumps: Under fault condition, gas filling pump and unloading pump can be mutually alternative.
*Reverse unloadingThe liquid on the storage tank can be unloaded to the gas tank car and delivered.
*Emergency cut-off :Air-operated emergency cut-off valve is installed a the liquid outlet on the storage tank, by which the emergency cut-off under abnormal conditions can be achieved.
*Leakage Alarm: Leakage probes are installed in the key positons of the skid-mounted gas station, so as to dect the equipment's security status.
*LIquid Level Alarm: Upper and lower liquid level limit switch are installed. Therefore, it has liquid alarm and control function.

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